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Automated, Mobile and Connected Deposition Scheduling. Instantly book the court reporters you want – 24/7 – on the only platform that delivers up-to-the-minute, real-time availability of the top court reporters in your city.

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DirectDep delivers effortless, instantly confirmed bookings done in real-time on your schedule.

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Instantly book the court reporter you want, no more waiting, no more phone calls, immediately confirmed bookings 24/7.

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DirectDep instantly handles calendar synching, cancellations and rescheduling in a single click, even when you're mobile.

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Every court reporter on DirectDep works through a highly regarded reporting agency, holds the leading industry certifications or is recommended by at least three practicing lawyers. They not only meet DirectDep standards, they also meet your standards with verified ratings and reviews after each booking.
Quality matters. Feedback matters. With DirectDep, you get both.
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