Why Court Reporters & Agencies
Join DirectDep®

  • Attract new bookings and maximize your business

    Online and mobile scheduling 24/7 based on real-time availability. Proprietary system for rebooking canceled dates reduces lost compensation.

  • Build client loyalty

    Customized profiles and the premium convenience of DirectDep strengthen your client relationships. Your reporters' experience, credentials and performance create loyalty to your agency.

  • Strengthen your online reputation and visibility

    DirectDep protects and enhances your web presence with verified ratings and reviews from the lawyers who work with you and your reporters.

  • Fair pricing that is fully explained and crystal clear

    Only get charged when you earn money. A simple fixed fee per deposition date booked means no monthly fees and no hidden fees, so everyone's happy.

Why Lawyers and Other Legal Professionals use DirectDep®

  • Easy, accurate and instantly confirmed bookings done on your schedule.

    Our technology instantly handles all bookings, cancellations, rescheduling and notifications to all parties in a click, and integrates with existing law firm calendar systems.

  • A searchable network of the best court reporters

    Select reporters from the top agencies in your city with searchable reporter profiles and complete visibility into the ratings, credentials and experience of each court reporter in our network.

  • A transparent and verified system of quality control

    Every reporter works through a highly regarded agency, holds the leading industry certifications or is recommended by at least three practicing lawyers. Verified reviews from the lawyers who work with them ensure every reporter on our network delivers the performance to stay there.

  • We know your preferences and deliver proven customer support

    DirectDep retains each lawyer's preferences to simplify future bookings and ensure that every deposition is done right. If there ever is a problem, our customer support team is on it.